Medal Test / Examinations

Medal Tests & Exams


Medal Tests are a great way for students to attain their goals and reach a level of achievement. Students perform their syllabus routines in front of an examiner who will score them appropriately and then each student who passes will receive a certificate of achievement and bronze silver or gold medals depending on the level of syllabus that they are demonstrating. If you would like to find out more information about scheduling a medal test for your studio please contact our Secretary Debbie Marolda at (973)276-1170.


Information for Professional Examination Candidates

How to Prepare for Your Professional Examination

  • It is strongly recommended by the USTA that you receive training from a qualified Trainer to help prepare you for your exam. Feel free to contact any of the governing directors for help finding a Trainer in your area
  • Learn how to dance the applicable figures as both Man and Lady in time to music with and without a partner
  • Develop an understanding of the technical details of the chart information
  • Be able to explain and discuss teaching methods
  • Have a clear understanding of additional information such as Tempo, Beats and Bar, etc. that is supplied in your chosen syllabus

USTA recognizes the following syllabus for examinations:

-International Style:

  • ISTD
  • Guy Howard
  • Walter Laird

-American Style:

  • ISTD

Dress Code for Your Examination

Make sure to dress professionally. USTA suggests a dress shirt, tie, and dark slacks for male candidates. Ladies should wear a dress or skirt and blouse. Dark dress slacks are also acceptable.

The Examination

The Examination will be divided into two sections.

Practical Demonstration/Dancing Segment

  • During the Practical Demonstration/Dancing Segment the candidate will present each dance with a partner to music. The candidate must be prepared to demonstrate the material as both Man and Lady. Please make sure to have someone available to play the music for this portion of your examination.
  • Along with the prepared material the Examiner may also ask you to demonstrate any amalgamation of figures for a particular dance with or without music.

Theory and Technical Questioning

  • The Theory and Technical Question portion of your examination will be based on both the chart material as well as teaching methods.
  • All chart information (foot position, amount of turn, etc) should be memorized for both the Man and Lady
  • Each candidate should be able to give simple definitions for the style of the examination (Rise and Fall, CBM, CBMP, etc)
  • Two Precedes/Follows are needed for Associate candidates.
  • Three Precedes/Follows are needed for Membership candidates.


Maximum marks in each dance = 100%
Highly Commended = 85%
Commended = 75%
Pass = 65%

  • The Examiner’s score is final
  • If a candidate fails, they must wait 30 day before retaking the examination

Level of Examination

  • Professionals interested in taking their examinations can start with the Associate Level.
  • Professionals interested in taking their Fellow examination must have their Membership in that style for 2 years.
  • *Please contact the USTA for additional information about preparing for your Examinations*

Scheduling Your Examination & Fees

To schedule your examination please contact:

Gary McDonald (973.276.1170 email: or
Diana McDonald (973-276-1170 email:


  • Associate Examination is 2 hours in length and is a fee of $120 plus the Examiner’s hourly rate
  • Membership Examination is 2.5 hours in length and is a fee of $140 plus the Examiner’s hourly rate
  • Fellowship Examination is 2.5 hours in length and is a fee of $170 plus the Examiners hourly rates